Emanuel Haurigot


He had worked in big tech companies with different markets. One of his strong points is that he focused on cross industries which turned into understanding common pain points. He merged our personal and profesional day to day and came up with the idea that there is still a lack of communication even today with so many options around, so he came up with Nextime. The rest will be history!

10 year experience in Managing

Alejandro Yapur


Very experienced IT Project & Service manager specialized in multi-technology environments including private and public cloud, with a strong focus on the global solution, capable to understand rapidly a complex technical concept and turn it into an amazing reality. “The idea of Nextime was awesome, but what really caught me into this journey was the amazing team assembled and believing in this dream..”

10 year experience in Managing

Micaela Quiroga

Art Director

UBA Graphic Designer, illustrator, yogui, ecologist, weaver, shoemaker, potter and embroiderer. Sometimes with one foot over here and one over there. “For a thought to be a great idea, it needs to be executed. I joined Nextime to contribute with my grain of sand”.

10 year experience in Managing

Gioacchino Aurucci

Shareholder & Executive Advisor

Sales director, strong team player, people-oriented with 14 year experience in people management. “I believe that nextime will help connect people for ever, regardless of time”

14 year experience in Managing

Mikael Espinasse

Video Producer & Editor

Creative and passionate Film Maker, he loves trying new things and finding the beauty in everything he does. Always ready to share ideas, collaborate and create as a team. “Feel grateful for being a part of such an innovative and visionary team with Nextime”

Prisca Brierre

Project Manager

Whith a curious and creative mind, she loves questioning, discovering new worlds or possibilities and alternative ways of thinking. “For as long as I can remember, I seem to always be nostalgic, look back and remember the past wistfully. Nextime is the perfect tool to make our yesterday part our tomorrow”

Agustín Alvarez Tarrio Ubirta

Shareholder & Executive Advisor

Entrepreneur. Being creating and developing successful projects and businesses since younghood. “Joined Nextime team in the early stages as I believe the potencial it has; not only from an economical point of view but also as a usefull tool for society”

10 year experience in Managing

Carolina Luchina

Community Manager

Journalist in love with the online community, with the ability to transmit values and emotions through each publication to establish strong and sincere relationships with social media users. “Being part of a project that unites emotions with technology and allows us to always be one steap ahead in our commitments was what motivated me to join Nextime”

Vincent Gehanno

Shareholder & Executive Advisor

Business Applications specialist since 2002 when it comes to create Unique customer experience. “Nextime is the perfect application to inspire people and unlock the potential of my consulting and coaching skills, market knowledge and disruptive mindset”

17 year experience in Managing

Stephanie Brancourt

Event Coordinator

Her very dedicated, determined, proactive, creative and reliable personality makes her a chameleon, a very flexible person in all tasks. “Sharing and transmitting my story, my experiences, my values, my teachings, my laughs and my tears are the essence of my life and my greatest reason to believe in Nextime”

20 year experience on communication, marketing and sales

Phil Coleman

Shareholder & Executive Advisor

A dynamic professional with 25 years experience in managing international commerce, software development and government partnerships. “I have a keen and creative eye that is magnetised towards ground breaking, innovative and forward thinking solutions... this is why I see Nextime as a key app for the future”

24 year experience in Managing

Fazio Flotta

Shareholder & Executive Advisor

Sales leader in the Tech Industry for over 10 years managing diverse teams across different geographies. “I decided to invest into Nextime as I truly believe in the power of this application to be the backbone of a breakthrough technology that will enable everybody to communicate in a faster and more efficient way among personal and professional lives”

10 year experience in Managing at Oracle

Martin Gogué

Shareholder & CRM Advisor

Sales manager with exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching, motivation and a dedication to success. “I always wanted to have my own time machine to visit my future self and my beloved ones.... we are in 2020 and still that does not exist! So the closest to the time machine is next time, the ability to talk to the future is what made me believe so much in the project that I wanted at all cost to be part of it”

10 year experience in CRM

Marian Van Gils

Head of Legal Compliance – Lawyer

Very practical and down-to-earth multilingual lawyer with lots of experience with legal compliance in both legal and financial sectors. “Nextime for me is meeting the past in the future, say hi again to all your loved ones with a simple message. People need love, to laugh, to life, to grow. Nextime can do just that with a simple message even when you're not around anymore”

25 year experience Legal Area

Virginie Coarasa

Customer Care

Customer Service specialist, willing to share the best in class process and technologies to make Nextime users see how much we care! “I believe that Nextime represents the future of applications, as much as I thinks people deserve the future of customer care now”

More than 10 years experience Customer Relationship Management

Eva Adjam

Shareholder & Project Manager

Engineer specialized in project management. Invested and rigorous to improve protocoles and teams to maximize project efficiency. “I would have loved my mother to be here for my wedding or to receive advices from her when I had my first baby. I don't want my child to feel the same, and Nextime is the solution to send them my love in the future whatever happen. That's why I absolutely want Nextime to be success and go join his international team”

10 years experience in Project Management

Meriem Messelem

Finance Specialist

Work Hard, Play Hard, that’s her motto! "Joining Nextime means action...and reaction in a new innovative way! It's the perfect place to grow and share both my Finance and Consulting experience with an amazing and funny team!."

Finance Specialist since 2006

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