Nextime is a free app, no need to pay to use it. There is no catch in the ride.

We do have costs so to make sure we stay in business if you love the app just as we do, then there are three subscriptions for you to take full advantage of it´s potential.

Queued messages

be able to see the day and time of messages coming to you in the future, the ones that are stored in the cloud to be delivered to you on the date that is been chosen by the sender. Stay in touch on what´s coming.


Get more space! The free versión of Nextime has 5 GigaBytes of storage in the cloud. Send messages to everyone, stay connected with the future and leave a legacy. Therefore with platinum you turn your 5 into 50 GigaBytes!


You set your own limits, this subscription is for the ones that like to fly as high as they can by getting 200 GigaBytes of space in the cloud.

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