It all started in 2019, travelling a lot for business, realizing that sometimes we miss things or we don’t send a message because is not the right time. So with that we started working and finding out that we could delay messages to send to our children when they are older, or get our grandparents to send messages even when they are gone. We slowly started unfolding the potential of controlling the time and to put into an app that is extremely easy to use, but not easy to make!

Nextime covers a very obvious need, started as a crazy idea but soon enough felt very appropriate for many usabilities.

A vision that started with one person, soon became the dream of twenty international and passionate partners.

Sending a bit of yourself to the future,promises, goals, dreams, objectives, hopes or just to leave a legacy, something STAMP where and whenever you want, like the song says (with or without you). This application has been made to remember yesterday and deliver it to anyone you want in the future like a bottle thrown into the digital sea but it can also be practical and use it for simple things of day to day routine.

Nextime is the first Real life App in No Real Time for everyone.

Create your Text, Audio, Video or Picture message from scratch or attach any existing document you want to send , choose a who, set the when and done!

Get it now!